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The main goals and tasks of the Trade Union are:

  1. Preparation, negotiation, conclusion and implementation of collective agreements in all areas and action levels;
  2. Protection of financial, labor, social interests and status of its members;
  3. Improvement of general, living and working conditions of its members;
  4. Improvement of the conditions for the payment of salaries and other kinds of earnings (fees), primarily through concluding collective agreements;
  5. Ensuring jobs of members;
  6. Exercise and improvement of the pension system and other forms of security;
  7. Provision of legal protection and counseling on their rights;
  8. Union education of members;
  9. Representation of special interests of free journalists;
  10. Strengthening of the impact to the adoption and implementation of laws and other regulations in the field of media;
  11. The implementation and expansion of areas of decision-making process of media workers in accomplishing their interests with the employer;
  12. Protection of freedom of the press, electronic media, speech and other forms of expression and information;
  13. Obligation of insurance of the journalists and media workers when going to dangerous areas where during the performance of their work they can endanger their life, health, freedom and dignity;
  14. Representation of members' interests in the settlement of collective and individual labor disputes;
  15. The exercise of solidarity in interpersonal relations;
  16. Protection of professional rights, the integrity of the profession and the integrity of journalists and media workers;
  17. Participation in all decisions that affect the working conditions;
  18. Cooperation with trade union organizations in Montenegro;
  19. Cooperation with international trade union organizations and associations of journalists and media workers in other countries.


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